Quilting Under the Palms

Opportunity Quilt Opportunity Quilt Proceeds from the raffle went to Homeless Empowerment Project(HEP).

Guild Group Quilt Boutique

The Boutique Boutique

The Vendors Vendor1 Happy Apple Quilts

Vendor1 Ann's Pin Cushions

Vendor8 Sue's Bay Area Sewing

Vendor7 Martellie Enterprises

Vendor3 Grannie Suzannie Designs

Quilting Under the Palms 2017

On January 28th and 29th Quilters' Crossing of Palm Harbor held another great quilt show. A big Thank You to all of our vendors, sponsers and demonstrators. Congratulations to the winners of the the beautiful Opportunity Quilt, the sewing machines raffled off by Sue's Bay Area Sewing and Tops Sew & Vac, as well as the winners of the raffle baskets, the beautiful Guild Group Quilt. All that and the great attendance, the quilts, Couture, Décor & More, and this years special catogory Face-Ez made it a hugely successful show.

Below are some of the highlights of the show including the Viewer's Choice awarded quilts. Visit our Photo Gallery for more pictures in the Quilting Under the Palms slide shows.

Best of Show               1stplacelarge               1stplacewall               1stplacesmall         

        Best of Show            1st Place Large Quilt      1st Place Wall Quilt      1st Place Medium Quilt
     Hexie Wonderland           Basket and Flowers         Lionesque Illusion                 City Grid
        Cyndi Hunt                  Pat Anderson         Kathy Radl & Ann White             Jo Groves

1stSmallQuilt                  1stPlaceCouture                1stPlaceDecor             1stPlaceMore         

  1st Place Small Quilt           1st Place Couture,               1st Place Décor           1st Place More
    Purrfect Friend                   Fiber Scarf                   Mom and Dad             Mesilla, a Doll
      Bonnie Ward                    Jo Groves                      Jo Groves               Aline McFadden

  1stPlaceFaceEz              2ndPlaceLarge              2ndPlaceMedium         2nddPlaceWall   

    1st Place Face-EZ       2nd Place Large Quilt        2nd Place Medium Quilt    2nd Place Wall Quilt
      Mardi Gras Maid       Double Wedding Ring             Giant Dahlia              That's My Baby
       Annette Horner          Aline McFadden                Bonnie Ward                Ann White

    2nd Place Small Quilt              3rdPlaceLarge              3rdPlaceWall           3rdPlaceSmall       

    2nd Place Small Quilt          2nd Place Couture        2nd Place Décor            2nd Place More
         Happy Heart                Necktie Skirt       Thread Lace Table Topper    Marisa-Clarissa a Doll
        Lee Franklin                 Evelyn Townes              Bonnie Ward              Barb Sweet

HonMentionCouture                 HonMentionDecor                 HonMentionMore              3RibbonWinners       

 2nd Place Face-Ez          3rd Place Large Quilt     3rd Place Medium Quilt       3rd Place Wall Quilt
 Asherah the Mermaind          Moonglow               Come Little Leaves         Dance of the DragonFlies
      Barb Sweet              Chris Peckham             Carla Jean Nasse            Waleska Villalobos

                     HonMentionCouture                        HonMentionDecor

             Honorable Mention Medium Quilt            Honorable Mention Wall Quilt
                           Papillon                         Dashing Through The Snow
                       Betsy Schobert                          Ann Blazer

Vendor9                  Vendor5
           Tops Sew & Vac                                       Artzy Chameleons Studio

    Vendor6            Vendor2
Red Thread Studio and Pain Free Pillow     Heritage Quilt Shop and CritterPattern Works