Quilting Under the Palms

Quilt Show Dedication Opportunity Quilt
This Year's Quilt Show was dedicated Ann Russo. Ann is 94 and a member for over 20 years

Opportunity Quilt Opportunity Quilt Proceeds from the raffle went to The Wounded Warrior Project.

RaffleBaskets Congratulations to the Winners of the Raffle Baksets!

Quilting Under the Palms 2015

2015 proved to be another great year for the Quilters' Crossing of Palm Harbor's 14th biennial quilt show held on January 30th and 31st of 2015. Great vendors, sponsers, demonstrators, attendees and of course all the quilts, Couture,Décor&More, and this years new catogory Grumpy Gals made for a spectacular show. Thanks to all for making it a huge success.

Below are some of the highlights of the show including the Viewer's Choice awarded quilts. Coming soon to our Photo Gallery will be more pictures in the Quilting Under the Palms slide shows.

Best of Show               1stplacelarge               1stplacewall               1stplacesmall         

        Best of Show            1st Place Large Quilt      1st Place Wall Quilt      1st Place Small Quilt
         Summer Lily             Golden Album Quilt   Audubon's Christmas Quilt  The View From My Window
        Betsy Schobert               Pat Anderson             Lee Franklin             Cathy Johnson

1stPlaceWearable                  2ndPlaceLarge                2ndPlaceWall             2ndPlaceSmall         

  1st Place Couture,Décor&More   2nd Place Large Quilt       2nd Place Wall Quilt     2nd Place Small Quilt
    Elsie Hazel Nozey Cable   Butterfly in the Morning Sun   May I Have This Dance    Beauty On Wings
       Kathy Radl                  Sharon Weber                    Ann White               Ann Blazer

       1stPlaceGrumpyGal                     3rdPlaceLarge              3rdPlaceWall           3rdPlaceSmall       

    1st Place Grumpy Gals       3rd Place Large Quilt     3rd Place Wall Quilt    3rd Place Small Quilt
      Shelly the Mermaid          Sunshine Flowers          The Quilter                My Girls
        Gail Crotty                Aline McFadden            Bonnie Ward              Lee Franklin

HonMentionCouture                 HonMentionDecor          HonMentionMore           3RibbonWinners       

 Honorable Mention Couture     Honorable Mention Décor    Honorable Mention More     Ribbon Winners
            Jacket                    Table Runner                  Christy
        Sharon Weber                Connie Latour              Aline McFadden

CollaborativeQuilt     Boutique      Boutique
    Patches and Pinwheels                 The Boutique                                Ann Russo Quilts
The Guild's Collaborative Quilt